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Left Side of Bucket Seat Reclines Further - Twisting

I have a car seat off a sentra ser spec v, that I’m using for a sim-racing rig, while reclining your back on it, the seat tends to twist / recline back further than the right side, I’ve looked around and the spring seems to be in the right spot so any advice?

Have no idea what that means.

The seat is broke , either replace it or have an auto upholstery shop see if they can fix it.

Simulation Racing is exactly what you think…

Sim-Racing Setup

It’s just broken? nothing that could be loose?

Are you using a right side seat? Is the recliner handle on the right side?
Remove the seat back upholstery and foam pad then inspect the seat back frame for cracks, you may be able to weld the seat frame.

I took the passenger seat off the SER. So the recline lever is on the right yes, but the left side of the seat just leans to the side when I rest my back up against it. Not a crazy lean but still enough that it bothers.

A right side seat will usually have the recliner latch on the right side, if the seat back twists easily it is probably because the frame is cracked. If the seat came out of a car that was rear ended in a collision and the seat was occupied that is likely how the seat was damaged.

Since it’s just a simpit and not a real car, you could brace the crack by getting a steel bar at a big box store and bolting it to either side of the crack on the back side of the seat. It’s not like you need the seat to have 100% structural integrity in something that never moves.