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Left me Stranded

Hello, I have a 2011 Ford Fiesta SES.
Earlier in the day yesterday the engine was surging between 1500 and 2100.
I decided to put a fuel system cleaner in.
Later that day I went to get lunch, when I came out I got a message to service engine now.
When I tried to drive it barely moved, would only go 5 mph.
I was able to make it to a repair place, not my normal one but at least it was somewhere.
They said they pulled codes p2176,P2282, p2279,p2119,p0420
He said they got it out of limp mode and said they cleaned the throttle body.
He said the throttle body failed ,also intake gasket is leaking also PCV valve should be replaced.
I picked it up today and it drives fine. I am going to leave it with my regular mechanic.
Any ideas what it might be?

Why not take it to the guy who fixed it? Sounds like he deserves your patronage.
The intake manifold gasket and the PCV valve aren’t major, and it sounds like he already fixed (cleaned) the throttle body. He had an opportunity to rob you blind, but he did an honest job. I’d go back to him.