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2011 Ford Fiesta Warning Light issues

Hi Everyone,
New member and first time posting, I figured I would turn to the internet to see if anyone could shed any light on an issue my wife’s car is having. I’d appreciate any advice or help you may have and I thank you in advance for it.

The Issue:
2011 Ford Fiesta
We recently took the car to Jiffy Lube for a basic oil change and fluid top off. When we were done with the oil change, my wife drove her car for a day. After that one day, the temp light came on and the car started overheating. We got the car towed to a friends garage that we know and trust, he said that the fluid that was added to the car was not the correct fluid. It was the basic “green” fluid, but needed to be a special “orange” fluid that is put into those cars. He was correct as the label on the cap clearly states that it’s the special “orange” fluid needed. I can’t remember exactly what the part was called that malfunctioned, but it was a thermostat housing or something. Anyways, we got that resolved and fixed. The car worked fine for a couple of days.

The issue we are having now is that the car’s check engine light has come on, Trac light (driving stability, traction control) and has stayed on. As soon as those lights came on, the car stalled and wouldn’t restart. We thought we would have to get it towed again to our friends garage. We tried starting it multiple times over a couple of days and it would start, run for a few seconds (very poorly) and sounded like it was dying, then ultimately conking out on us. We called our mechanic friend to come take a look at it the next day. We left him the key, he went to the vehicle and was able to start it right up, but the lights are still on. He took it to his shop and had it there for a week, did diagnostic tests on it, read any trouble codes, reset the cpu errors, and did test drives. Every time it would start right up, but it would always be displaying the lights that I mentioned above. He looked it over for a week and couldn’t figure out what is wrong with it. He said there are no error codes being displayed when he checks, but the lights keep coming on and staying on. My wife was able to drive the car today to work, but the lights are still on and we are afraid that it’s going to die on her again.

Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this? Anyone ever experience this before? We are hoping to get some answers before we have to take it to the dealership and shell out serious cash for them to dissect the problem then repair it.

Again, Thanks in advance for any help or advice!!

I have a 2011 Fiesta and the exact same lamps are on (engine warning in Tachometer at left side and the traction control warning lamp in the speedometer side just above the centre of gauge). Although it has not exhibited any other issues, it drives fine, but I figured I’d better sort this out before driving it again.