Car wont start, please help

my car has been struggling to start for about 2 months. I turn the key 2-3 times and sometimes have to put my foot on the gas then itll start. it runs fine just struggles to start. I took it to the mechanics 1 week ago to fix this. they tested it by trying to start it roughly over and over again which killed it completely and it couldn’t start up anymore. They thought it was the fuel pump, they replaced it, and 2 days later it started struggling to start again(progressively getting worse as the week has gone by)

Stay away from this place because they are just throwing parts at it. Have a reputable general mechanic look at it and get an estimate for the repair.


Spray a small amount of starter fluid into the intake to see if the engine try’s to run with that. If that works then you do seem to have a fuel delivery problem for some reason. Checking the fuel pressure would be a good thing to do. If it isn’t a fuel problem then you need to check the ignition system.

Pressurize the fuel system before you start it: turn key to Run (not all the way to Start) and wait a few seconds. The fuel pump should run briefly. You may hear it. Turn to Off, Run, Off, Run letting it run and bring fuel and fuel pressure up to the engine. Then turn the key to Start. What happens?

Good luck and please let us know.

OP has a new fuel pump. maybe its not being told to run? seems to me the shop would have verified it ran when done. well, he did drive away so I guess it was working.

What year is this Fiesta?


hey guys, thanks so much for all of the suggestions. the cars been at the mechanics since last friday, ill hopefully know more today. Once i get it back and its still not been fixed ill give all of these suggestions a go and let you know the outcome for each. The mechanics last update was that he put a new battery in the car & was evaluating how it started with that. If he misdiagnosed the fuel pump needing to be replaced and ive already paid for it can I ask to be reimbursed?

hi, it is a 2007

@Cougar @shanonia @cavell

Did anyone have a look at the idle air control valve?

Because, if the valve doesn’t allow air into the engine when attempting to start it, the engine isn’t going to start unless you step on the gas.