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Leather Interior

My vehicle has leather interior. I would like to keep it looking good and prevent it from cracking. What is the best leather protector product to use on my leather seats?

Also, I would like to wax the exterior of my vehicle. I hear waxes containing silicon are the best. What is the best wax product to use?

Every Leather protection product I’ve used seems to work fine. They are pretty much all the same.

As for waxes…I personally don’t like silicon waxes. Wax is intended to protect the paint from the elements…this includes the harmful rays of the sun. Silicon wax offers little to no protection from the sun.

MikeinNH, thanks for the reply. If anyone can suggest which brand wax is best, I would appreciate any feedback.

I don’t know about waxes (too lazy) but Consumer Reports rated “Black Magic Wet Shine Liquid Wax” and “Turtle Wax Carnuba Car Wax T-6” tied for best, and the’re both only $7. You’ll find some folks who ‘only’ use a certain $20-$30+ waxes, but I doubt the real need for those, and they tested lower than these two, anyway! (ps - it’s ‘silicone’. ‘Silicon’ is a element in silicone)

If you have a orbital buffing machine, any paste wax should do, and might last a little longer than a liquid wax. If you don’t have a buffing machine, a liquid wax will be easier to apply.

Lexol is a good product for leather.

Lion9car, thanks for bringing lexol to my attention. I checked the ratings on the product and they were excellent. I am going to buy it.

I also recommend Lexol but there are other brands. A good place to go is a quality furniture store. Car seats and sofas both need the same care.