What polish/wax do you recommend for paint/surface protection?


I have an older car (white in color) that I would like to protect from the rain, sun, etc. Can you recommend a polish/wax that can offer great protection as well as shine? Thanks!


I’ve used NuFinish for years and been very happy with the results. Most people have one they prefer, but in truth they’re all good if you use them.


Consumer Reports tested auto waxes not too long ago, and found that some of the least expensive brands worked just as well, if not better, than the high priced brands. Buy whatever looks good to you and use it.

To me, ease of application and removal is a BIG selling point.

No matter what the can or bottle claims, NO wax lasts very long unless the vehicle spends most of its time in a garage.


I use Turtle Wax, largely because it’s cheap and good. But any readily available wax at your local parts or department store is fine.


i use american wax. i don’t like to put foreign wax on my autos finnish. (even if it’s from nearby)


I only use Meguires gold class. Just be careful you don’t use anything with silicone in it.


They all do pretty much the same thing. Everyone has his favorite, perhaps due to ease of application, appearance, length of shine, or price. I’ve been well-pleased with Turtle Wax for my colored cars and Meguiar’s Cleaner Wax for my white car.


I’ve found that any Carnuba wax works well and lasts a long time. I’ve weened myself off of “cleaner” waxes as they have a mild abrasive that will eventually wear off your paint if used excessively. The carnuba wax can be tricky. If you use too much or let it get too dry, you’ll be buffing your arms off. But the shine and protection lasts about 6 months for me.




I’ve had very good luck with the Carnuba waxes. Lasts a long time even in NE.


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I also have had good luck with NuFinish.

Zymol from Europe is highly rated but very expensive. Zymol that you get in the US is not the same stuff, but it smells great (coconut smell).

My favorite for appearance and longevity is 3M paste wax. It is hard to find at the usual retail outlets, but the websites that sell products in bulk to car detailers sell it. It goes on surprisingly easy for a paste, and it it quite forgiving so far as how dry you let it get before buffing it off.


Good one cappy!


Has anyone used Zaino? If so, what do you think about the shine and protection from the elements?


Ah…I get it…


I only use waxes that are nearly pure carnauba wax. I try to skip anything with excess fillers and I take all the wax off once in a while so I can work directly on the clear coat. I use products from detailedimage.com, they have a huge selection and you can buy kits based on how deep you want to go into polishing/waxing/detailing your car. They also have instructions and guides, but in general, any wax/polymer/etc is better than letting your car sit in the sun unprotected. Good luck.


They said Black Magic or Turtle, both in liquid. Liquids were better than paste. Stay away from spray-on. If you search on those terms here you should find the details.