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Waxes for sun protection

2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee has a factory applied seal coat that has kept the finish very new looking. I have waxed it occasionally using Maguires and Zymol. Now I see several new waxes with Silicon Dioxide that are sprayed on and polished. Are these safe for the seal coat? Do they help with protection from the sun? Any suggestions about a brand? Thanks.

Use a polymer wax . Never use a silicone based wax because bodyshop prep technician will hate you.I say that just in case your vehicule has some bodywork done in the future.

Why would a body prep tech hate you when they use this?


Paint won’t stick unless the prep person spend hours cleaning the car.I spent 35 years in this business as bodyshop owner.The prep solvent will not help if you miss just a tiny spot and I often see techs using the same rag to clean the entire panel.They are just pushing the silicone around, not removing it.

The stuff is formulated to remove SILICONE if you read the product details.

I’ve been using this stuff for over 30 years for that exact purpose before doing body work.


Is there a “best brand” of polymar wax?

You didn’t have any paint adhesion problem because you know how to prep. Some people are just too lazy to do it perfectly.

I use this often

Thank you. Looks good.

Silicon dioxide is glass. The other posters talked about silicone, a polymer, not a glass. Which is it?

I’d keep using what you’ve been using. Silicon dioxide? Is that part of that ‘ceramic’ scam?

Well still I’m a little afraid of silicone, whether justified or not. I have always used Meguires Mirror glaze or whatever their high priced wax is called without looking in the garage. I have been thinking though about trying some new stuff. “Mirror Shine Torque Detail” got some good reviews but is about $40 a bottle. The other option would be Meg’s “Synthetic Sealant”, made by 3M I think. Don’t know how much that is and I don’t know if either of them is a silicone. Still a ways from Spring detailing here and still have a new bottle of standard wax, so just not sure if I’ll try the new stuff or not.

There are some things you let go of when you age. Car waxing is one of mine…

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Thanks. That is what I’ve decided based on comments.

Whatever happened to pure Carnauba wax?

I still have a 70 year old tin of the stuff and it is still useable. It is a lot of work to apply, but is probably the most long-lasting wax you could use. Thanks for reminding me.

I dunno. I’ve got a can of that Johnson paste wax but the only thing I use that for is the table saw. Didn’t Willy Loman use that on his car and could it have contributed to his death? Just wondering.

All I remember of that play is “going through life on a shoeshine and a smile”.

My first district manager used to tell the story when he sold sporting goods to schools. He’d drive around the block several times before he got the nerve to call on the school. I’ve always been good to most sales people. I know what it’s like.