What is a good car wax brand?

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All the new waxes are all pretty good but some are more durable, easier to apply, better shine, smell better … Just check the wax threads, look up the info and find what’s best for you.

Same with car covers, all give pretty good UV and dust protection. My personal priorities are breathability to prevent moisture buildup (rust) and durability but again, find what’s best for you.

Good Grief , just pick one off the shelf at Wally World with a brand name and see if you like it ’

Or you can spend time at the Auto Geek web site and choose one yourself. And why are you asking about wax on an oil thread ?

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Meguiar’s seems to have a good reputation, so that’s what I’ve been using for quite a while now with no complaints.


What’s your budget? What are you hoping to get from the wax?

If you don’t have a big budget, and you’re just trying to protect your car’s resale value by protecting the paint job, Turtle Wax will do.

If cost is unimportant, and you’re trying to preserve a car for long-term ownership, you might spring for something more expensive like Meguiar’s or Mothers.


Polymer wax are easy to apply and buff.Some of them offer UV protection and thats what you want.I use Bodypro products from Napa.

Back in the late 1960s,. Blue Coral was regarded as one of the best auto waxes. Consumer Reports tested auto waxes back then and recommended the wax marketed bybm Montgomery Ward. I had a friend that thought Collonite Fleet Wax was the best product on the market. Another friend recommended Jonson Carnu followed up by Johnson’s Car Plate.
My guess is that today there probably isn’t a lot of difference. As far as I am concerned, a wax would be great if the price included installation.


Like I said ad naseum, I use Meguires, 3M (which now owns Meguires) and some Mothers. I use polish, glaze, sealant, and wax products. Have at it. I just threw away my can of Blue Coral that I think was left over from the 60’s. It was good wax but I had a heck of a time getting it off of the paint on my 59 Pontiac. I think because the finish was not all that good and doing everything by hand.

I use std turtle wax product
About 5$
Easy to apply good protection. Also use nu wax in orange tub. Good protection against water and sun but not so good against minor scratching. For best appearance and shine a specialty wax is best but may be more difficult to apply.

“Waxes” are kinda passe these days. Modern sealants go on easier, come off easier, last longer, and stand up to heat better than traditional waxes. I like Blackfire sealant (used to be called Blackfire Wet-Diamond). Chemical Guys Jet Seal has been around for a while and lasts quite a while, Jescar Powerlock is good, a popular combo is to do a coat of Powerlock, wait for it to cure and then do a coat of Collonite 845. Looks great and will last upwards of six months (or longer if you keep your car in garage or under a carport).

As many people in this forum will be the number of different answers.

Any good wax from one of the top companies will be fine.

There’s a new type of wax (ceramic). Suppose to be very long lasting (12 months). Haven’t tried it yet. Maybe I will.

And then there’s the hybrid wax.

90% of the benefit of waxing is doing it, 10% is the brand chosen, IMHO…


I like Nu Finish.
Super easy to lose and long lasting.

Wouldn’t that be a disadvantage if it was easily lost?



Getting lost? That’s expected in my dad’s garage!

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That is one way to increase sales .

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the wages of automatic typing.
It is a cleaner and polish, super easy to USE and long

I would follow the advice of Fibber McGee and use a Johnson’s Wax product.
(Fibber McGee and Molly was a weekly radio show that aired on NBC from 1935 to 1959. One of the sponsors was Johnson’s Wax. Fibber McGee bet one of his friends he could Wax his car blindfolded. Fibber one the bet, but the car he waxed turned out to be his friend’s car, not his own as he had intended).

Maybe that’s why GM came out with their Acrylic Lacquer paint in 1958 that they claimed never needed to be waxed. Heh heh. We know how that ended. I waxed it anyway but Turtle Wax at the time. Mom needed the Johnson’s for the floor.