Leather interior


how would you recommend cleaning and maitaining leather interiors?

also, on one of my car, leather has started cracking and tearing and wanted to know if there is a (not too expensive) way to fix it?



I recommend the Zymol leather care products, which are made in Germany. I have used this product on the leather upholstery of 4 cars, and I have never suffered any cracking of the leather.

As to how to repair damaged leather cheaply, you might want to inquire at a shoe repair shop–if you can find one. There are not too many of these shops left nowadays.


thanks :slight_smile:


If you don’t find a shoe shop, look for saddle repair or an upholstery shop that works with leather furniture repair.


First give the leather a good cleaning with Saddle Soap. This stuff works GREAT and cleaning and conditioning.

Then use a leather protectant lik Zymol or Blue Coral.


Zymol makes an excellent leather cleaner, which is frequently packaged with the conditioner/protectant.


I have used Blue Magic leather, and vinyl cleaner, as well as Meguiar’s cleaner/conditioner with good results. The most important thing is to clean and condition the leather ones a year to keep it soft and pliable. All the above products are good.


Saddle Soap a true classic.Good stuff


I never used the Zymol cleaner…but I’ll bet it’s good…their conditioner is EXCELLENT. I’m just too stuburn to give up my saddle soap.


Lexol has a good reputation. I’ve used it for years.

Once the leather cracks, I’m afraid it’s generally too late to do much about it.


It depends on how much you value your car. Inexpensive could mean replacing some of the leather with another type of material. Upholstery shops can order leather but it won’t match your color.