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Cracks in leather seats

I was cleaning/treating the van’s leather seats last night. The passenger seat has two small cuts/cracks (~ 1/4" long). I’d like to stop the cracks where they are by repairing them. Does anyone have suggestions? BTW, they may just be surface cracks and not go all the way through. I don’t want to play too much with then and make them worse than they already are.

They is no effective way to repair cracks in leather once it develops except to replace that particular panel. An auto upholstery shop can do that and match the leather. The best prevention method is to regularly use leather conditioner to keep the leather soft. That’s about the best you can do at this point.

The dog loves that particular seat. The only protection is to have someone between her and the seat cover. Mrs. JT complained about cracks in the driver’s seat, but they were only creases. I think the cuts in the passenger seat are doggie toe things. Until recently, no one was allowed to ride in it. She is a sweet little pup (sometimes), and I’ll forgive her.