Leasing a custom car

My fiance wants to lease a car that will have to be ordered (he does not want to pay for the typical expensive options). The salesman told him that he would not guarantee any of the numbers! Most of all the interest rate and the residual value but he wants a healthy deposit that is nonrefundable if we do not get the car. Is this typical?

Yes. Those numbers are subject to change up until a specific car is chosen. I would expect that he would not be tied into any deal until the specific car and final numbers are available.

Keep in mind that leasing is almost always the most expensive way of having a car to drive.

Is this an expensive car? If so, there are leasing deals to move these cars off the lot that aren’t available on a car ordered from the factory.

Your fiance should try another dealer, or another salesperson.

You haven’t told us what vehicle is involved in this transaction, so it’s really hard to make any sort of recommendation.

More information would be helpful.

Yes, tell us which car. Your fiance may be putting money at risk by being too picky.

He wants a Porsche 911. He wants very few options, to keep the capitalized cost down. The cars we have seen on the lot have a lot of options that greatly increase the price.

Ah, Porsche, the home of the $500 leather covered shift knob. Has he called all area dealers for one to his liking? But it’s not surprising they’re hard to find.

Is a new 911 called a 911? What is the price range? turbo offered?

I suggest that he look at the Cayman S as well. It should cost less and it is reported in the car magazines to be at least as much fun as a 911. I don’t know personally; it’s out of my price range.