Hassle free lease options?

I’m interested in leasing a car but I’m unsure of what the best options are.

It seems as if most people go through a dealership directly.

I’m thinking that the way there’s Lemonade for super consumer friendly renters insurance, maybe there’s something like that for getting a car lease?

Any input is appreciated!

Just to start, leasing a car is THE MOST expensive way to own a car.

Leasing through a dealer is very easy but may not be the most economical. There are leasing agencies (or used to be) that handle the deal as well. You decide on what you want, they’ll find the car, line up the lease and do the deal.

Insurance is another issue entirely. Best YOU contact your insurance agent and arrange insurance on the car before you finalize the lease with the deductibles and coverage required by the leasing agency. The leasing company won’t hand you the keys until they confirm insurance. You MUST maintain insurance for the term of the lease.

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The dealer would be the simplest way and that would make turn in at lease end easier. Why add the cost of a third party that also might make warranty problems a little more difficult. I can’t see a savings being made .

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Google “car leasing yourcity” and see what pops up. There are two 3rd party leasing companies that advertise heavily in my area, I don’t know if they’re any simpler to deal with than a dealer, I never lease.

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Texas has a good point . A web search will give you actual companies near you that you can talk to and compare with what the dealer web site has for what ever vehicle you want.

Also , are you aware of the things that go with leasing such as damage at turn in - extra mileage fees - In case of totaled the difference in your insurance payments and the real balance ( that is why many people carry Gap Insurance ) - severe penalty if you need out of your lease early.


look at resale value. it might not be a great idea to lease certain models of honda, toyota, or jeeps – sometimes they sell for near the purchase price just after the lease term expires.

euro sedans, EVs or hybrids are another game entirely – once the warranty runs out they tend to plunge in value due to the dealership only diagnostics and repairs, typically in the several thousand dollar range.

Leasing is a much more realistic option for vehicles with a large 3 year depreciation.

Our 2017 Rav4listed at 30k or so, $300 a month for 36 months. Buyout 17,900.

these sites may have some info to help you…
How to Buy a New or Used Car and Get the Best Deal Every Time - RealCarTips.com

A lease can be arranged through a bank or credit union since it’s really just a car loan with a balloon payment, only most just turn the car in at the end and get another. Most are done through the dealer but how good a deal a lease can vary.

A site like https://leasehackr.com/ can give you a better idea if a lease is a good deal or not.

I’ve had 4 leases from a dealer and one from a broker. The broker tried to screw me on non-existent rock chips which took a little arm-twisting and threat of photographic evidence with a lawyer I took when I turned it in to get them to back off. No problems of the sort with the 2 dealer leases I turned in. The other 2 I purchased at lease end.

So the dealer was clearly easier.

Good advice and the “catch” at the end of the lease is the damage clause which could cost you…

So would you rather deal with a Dealer/Manufacturer who’s been around for 50 years or Larry’s Discount Leasing who’s been around since September?

We had an option for $5 a month to cover dings minor dents and scrapes. Also the 2014 Kia got rear ended, 3.7 grand in repairs I think, no problem turning it in

The car the lease company complained about got a serious front hit costing
$4500 in repairs. The paint was 6 months old and perfect. The car was black. And not chipped.

Did the company just accept the car?

Yes, after I threatened them with legal action… and I had the photos to prove it!

The repairs were spot-on perfect, BTW. The car looked and drove like it had never been hit.

I had very light hail dings and my adjuster said it was road debris. I got out with no fees.
Always garage except for a month or 2 when we had junk in garage. Grr, watching hail with darn furniture in garage.