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Learning tools

Hey guys, I am a student who is interested in learning about cars. Are there any good interactive websites with pictures and videos about the stuff they teach you about? In my mind I would love a site that has lots of different common car sounds with audio and then pictures about what it is diagnostic of and how you can fix it. I would love to be able to see a car driving in a parking lot with a squeal or a whirr and be able to diagnose exactly what’s going on.

easiest way to learn this stuff is read performance magazines (not bolt-on stuff) such as Hot Rod, Car Craft etc., hang out with old dudes, and ask questions. personal experience is important too. you learn how to troubleshoot after a few years.

but your not going to be able to fix a lot of cars though. with all the electronics now, you can know what it is, but they’ve rigged everything to blow, unless handled by someone with a sign out front saying “mechanic”. older cars are different. we have retrospective n them.

I would start with [edited for correction]


You can also check out since they have a lot of DIY videos with and demos with lots of sound.