Could you reccommend any books to help in understanding how to diagnose car problems?

“Auto Repair for Dummies”

I found out that in order to diagnose problems I must first be able to tell how and when things are working correctly, are you at this point yet? Go to and look over what they are offering,tell us what books you like and I will comment on them.

An experienced mechanic and a couple of beers beats a book, actually a web forum such as this is a GREAT place, try it!

A Haynes manual for your car is a cheap learning tool for things like this. You can get one at any auto parts store for around $20. Spending time with somebody who does auto repair on a regular basis is also good for learning. I did most of my learning by just diving right into it.

That (“Auto Repair for Dummies”) looks like a good intro, and at a good price. Andrew, you need to tell us more about what you’re trying to do. Are you facing specific problems with your Grand Marquis?

Auto Fundamentals
By Stockel, Stockel and Johanson
Published by Goodheart - Wilcox
ISBN 1-56637-138-4

Automotive Engines
By Crouse and Anglin
Published by MacMillan/McGraw Hill, (800) 338-3987
ISBN 0-02-801099-X

Complete Engine Performance and Diagnostics
By Robert Scharff & Editors of Motor Service
Published by Delmar Publishing / Thompson learning, (800) 477-3682
ISBN 0-8273-3579-2

Automotive Chassis Systems
By Thomas W. Birch
Published by Delmar Publishing / Thompson Learning, (800) 477-3682
ISBN 0-7668-0001-6

Fuel Systems and Emission Controls
Published by Chek-Chart Publication, (408) 739-2435
ISBN 9-781579-322496

I haven’t perused this whole site, but it shows some promise: