Car sounds

Guyz, I love your show! Didn’t you have a montage of sounds that your callers make, imitating the sounds that their cars make? If you did, where can I find it? Would you update it? If not, I think it would be hilarious! It would sound something like:




Woooooooooo, wooooooooooooo, wooooooooo.


Tom & Ray don’t visit here. This is where the general public comes to discuss car questions.

Phyllis. Even though the boys are not here, you’re absolutely right. We need a reference manual in alphabetical order - weird sound to possible problem and possible problem to weird sound. We could call it the "It kinda Sounds Like This Guide to Your Car. What else are we mere mortals to do? Get a 2-year course in auto mechanics?

I’ll bet there are more than a few good mechanics who have mentally built up their own
"Kinda Sounds Like" collection over the years.

Out here in the four corners these are imperative to diagnosing the vehicle.
We don’t make fun of anyone who does it because their english wouldn’t help.
We have spanish, navajo, zuni, arabic, laguna, pakistani, and mixenglish of all the above to deal with on a daily basis.

Phyllis, please see the Car Talk Car Noise Emporium