2020 Hyundai Genesis - another leak?

This is the third time that I have had a “leak”…somewhere?

water pooling behind drivers seat and in trunk area on the drivers side as well. First time, I thought maybe I had left something open during rain. Second time, I was going for an oil change anyway, so I had them check and they verified that if was a “clogged sunroof drain”. They cleaned out for free, but did tell me it was not under warranty. That was only a month ago, and it leaked again last night during rain. If this is not covered under warranty, then how often is an owner supposed to clean this! I have seen a lot of threads about this. Seems like this is a faulty issue that needs to be addressed. NOT A CHEAP CAR!!!

Common to many cars with sunroofs. If parked outside may clog more often. Though different methods/material are suggested, I would us either high test monofilament fishing line, 50-100 pound test, or weed eater line. Do it once a week when you check your oil.