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I have a 2004 Honda Civic EX. There is a leak near my rearview mirror and light. There is also a leak above the window on the driver’s side, top right corner. I thought it was the seal around the windshield so I covered it with electrical tape to see if that was it but it still leaked. Could it be the seal around the sunroof?? How do I figure this out and then stop it? Thanks

Quick answer, use a water hose on the suspect areas to see if you’re right about the location. If you are right then you might need, & I say might, to take it to the dealer or glass installer to get a repair. Though silicone does wonders!!

There are drain tubes to carry away the water that gets in around the sunroof. If the tubes are clogged the water can leak into the interior. Try cleaning the sunroof drain tubes.

If the leak is around the windshield you can seal it with silicone. Tape won’t work.

Thank you!