Leaking trunk getting worse

I’ve noticed that my back seats are now damp and so is the floor in the rear passenger area. Is this from my leaking trunk or is the water being introduced at multiple points?

Also now every morning there is a layer of dew on the windshield, on the INSIDE. I’d say the condensation is being caused by excessive water vapor in my interior.

Any ideas???

What kind of car are you talking about? Condensation usually will not puddle and make the interior fo the carr seem wet or soaked.

It’s impossible to tell from here. Especially without have any idea whatsoever what kind of car you’re talking about.

Is your rear seat back removable? Most are. Do you live in a climate where you can take a garden hose to all the weather stripped seams while lookin in the back with a good strong flashlight?

Got a sun roof? You need to hunt down the leak. Tail lights, sun roofs, rust in the floor, trunk seals etc are all popular leak locations.

First you have to make sure the drains are clear. There are square holds on the bottom of each door which drain the door cavities. If they plug up, water will spill into the interior, but before it reaches that level, you usually get a sloshing sound. Water should drain around the edges of your trunk or hatch, make sure there isn’t any debris around the lip that would cause a dam to form and allow water to spill into the trunk.

The next place would be the sealant around the rear window. Flood it with water to see if any is getting inside. After that, open the rear doors and make sure that there isn’t any debris build up around the weather-stripping and that the weather-stripping isn’t torn or missing.

Thanks. It’s an 87 Accord.