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Wet on the inside

I just moved from arid Wyoming to moist and humid Ohio. Every time it rains the floor board in the back seat fills up with water. It’s starting to get annoying because everything is damp when I get in my car. I’ve checked all the window and door seals and they seem to be fine. What else can I do?

Just a few ideas:

  • rusted areas in the trunk floor
  • Sunroof blocked drain
  • Unless you are sure it is not coming in from the front, you might consider a blocked drain on the A/C evaporator.
  • Leaking rear window.

Remove the back seat and see if you can spot the entry point…

How do I check the A/C evaporator? Potentially it’s a leaking rear window… can I fix that myself? If so, how do I do that?

“How do I check the A/C evaporator?” Normally it will drain under the car on the passenger side just in front of where the passenger’s feet rest. In a hot humid day you should see it coming out of there.