Leaking oil

I have an oil leak on my Hyundai Sanata. The oil leaks onto my alternator and I’m concerned that it may be a fire hazard. I have had it into the shop 2 times.

Is your car still under warranty? If so, just keep brining it back to them and make a point of telling them you are concerned about a possible fire hazard and insist that you have questioned that issue be included on the work order and that you get a copy of that work order.

Fire is not likely and an oil fire is not likely to be dangerous, you should have time to stop and get out safely.  I once had a very nice car fire, looking out the back window all I could see were flames.  I am still here.

Odd post, first that you really think there is a fire hazard,have you ever tried to ignite motor oil? it takes some effort,second that so much oil is leaking that a firehazard exists and that it cannot be stopped. Can you give some more details about this leak? I have seen some real bad oil leakers none caught fire and all could be fixed,put this in perspective,like how much it is leaking (big puddles on the ground,1 quart every 50 miles or what?)

It would be ok if it was just me in the car. However I have two children ages 3 and 5. My car is still under warrenty and I have taken it in twice for this problem with no results. This is not the only problem we have had and now consider it a lemon. I have had it in 2 times for the dash and visors. The drivers seat also broke. It was the frame and I only weigh 23 lbs. We have filed the necessary papers with the Better Business B.ureau Automotive.

Sorry I ment to say I only weigh 123 lbs.