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Oil leak

I have a 1988 Honda Accord w/132,000 miles on it. I have an oil leak somewhere. When I was stopped at a light I saw smoke come out from under the hood, but when I started again it disappeared. When I got home I noticed some oil on the underside of the hood, but didn’t see oil anywhere else. Any clue where this leak may be coming from?Thanks.

Always start with a clean engine whether you do that yourself or have it done. Then check real soon to see where the leak is comming from. On a 20 year old car you will have multiple leaks and will have additional leaks soon. Every plastic and rubber piece on that car must be suspect at this age. ( I have a 92 & 79, been there, done that. )

If it’s on the underside of the hood then it’s getting slung off something moving in a circular direction, is it inline with the crankshaft/belt area?

Somehow it’s getting on the exaust manifold also (that’s why you see smoke)

Maybe your valve cover gasket is leaking onto the exaust manifold and also ending up on a belt or pulley.

Have you verified that the oil filler cap is in place? If you or somebody else added oil recently, it is possible that someone forgot to replace that cap.

Thank you for your suggestion. It is over by one of the belts. Appreciate your thoughts.

The cap is on, but I’ll check to make sure I have it tightened down. Thank you.

Ok, I too have an 88 accord with 155,000 on it. I have been looking for a similar oil leak. I have found a slight leak on the PS pump (this is a replaceable seal) but the majority of the oil seems to come at the passenger side of the valve cover but I know the cover is not leaking. I have cleaned it and it seems to be coming from the distributor. Have you heard of this area being a leaky spot?

I have an 89 Accord with 193,000 miles and I had exactly the same leak you’re talking about. I replace the distributor O-Ring between the cylinder head and the distributor and the leak was fixed.