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Possible oil leak and now noticing white smoke from the hood

I drive a 2004 Hyundai sonata. Last time i had an oil change they told me there is a small oil leak. I have yet to fix the leak due to lack of funds.
I drove to work today and a co worker noticed after i got out of the vehicle that there was white smoke coming from the hood. I have checked my oil and my coolant and both seem to be fine. I have not checked the resivour yet( should i? ) My question is do you think the oil leak is what is causing the white smoke along with a slight burning smell? Or possibly another issue? I am having it check this weekend however until then i wondered what i could do to avoid overheating if you think that may be the cause of the smoke as well?
Thanks for reading my rant lol

Even a couple of drops of oil on the exhaust system will give white smoke. Have a competent person locate the leak; it could be just a valve cover gasket which is easy to fix.

might be only burn off from the oil leaking onto hot parts . . and yet . . a clear indication that you can’t afford . .NOT to fix it.

Thank you both for your help and ill update soon