Where is my antifreeze leak coming from?

I have a 93 ford taurus 3.8L V6 automatic GL. I have a antifreeze leak because my coolant reservoir has to be refilled completely every couple of weeks. I have checked my radiator, all hoses, and coolant reservoir for leaks but found none. I thought it must be coming from my water pump so I had it replaced about three months ago but I still have a leak somewhere. I had my car on ramps the other day because I had to change my oil and saw the drips of antifreeze from the leak. The drips were coming from the bottom of my catalytic converter. I tried to find where the leak was starting but could not determine that by looking up into my engine from being on the ground and on my back. What is above my catalytic converter that would point to where the leak is coming from. Keep in mind that I have ruled out the radiator, hoses, coolant reservoir, and water pump.

Have you considered a leaking head gasket? The coolant may be going out through the exhaust.

How many miles on this car?