Leaking Flex Pipe: Fix needed?

Your being overly generous.

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I’ll make sure to not buy a used car from you!

I really don’t think my comment was inappropriate

OP said they only need the car to last several more months, because they’ll literally be leaving the USA

But they also want to be safe, so they paid to take care of the exhaust leak

You estimate the repair will last 2 - 10 years

That seems entirely reasonable to me

Think it about it like this . . .

If you KNEW you were going to sell your Hyundai Sonata in several months, would you pay to have the most expensive Michelins installed?

I think most people wouldn’t

Sure, some might

But I think most people would pay for middle-of-the-road tires

That way they could sell a car in decent and safe condition, without having overspent for repairs


But if stainless could be done for another $40, definitely do it! The materials cost for such a short section of pipe should be minimal. If I check out a car and I look under it and see a patched shiny aluminized pipe that’s unpainted at the weld and rusting around the weld, I’ll know immediately what quality of work was done.

If I saw such a repair and the rest of the car was in good shape, I’d say “Okay, not a top notch repair, but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it”

Same as if I saw a car being sold with almost new Continental tires, versus Michelin

Sure, the Michelins are better, imo, but I’ll drive on the Continentals until they’re used up, and THEN I’ll get the tires I want