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Exhaust repair questions/ suggestions

Hello, my exhaust broke apart today and was hoping you guys could give me a repair suggestion. I’ve been researching a few different things like wraps, and some come with a repair compound and wrap. Open to any suggestions. I don’t plan on keeping this car for much more than a year. Cheap repair would be nice. I’ve included a few pictures.

Should I just buy the entire catalytic converter assembly pipe or is there some kind of easy or cheap fix?

Thanks in advance pence, really appreciate it.

A wrap won’t work

I suggest bringing it to an independent exhaust shop and asking for their advice

They might be able to weld up something on the cheap

You don’t fix an exhaust leak like that.

You replace the rusted out components.


The part below is the direct fit for my car. I have all the tools I believe but haven’t worked on exhaust myself. Do you think this is a fairly simple replacement that a novice could pull off ? Appreciate any opinions. Would i need a torch with the part below ?

You will need a torch . . . because the hardware in your picture is severely rusted, and I can almost guarantee it won’t come off without a fight

There is no job I like less than exhaust work. It’s a real pain. I’d find an independent shop and see what they can do.

Alright guys I got a relative who’s friend claims he can do the job. I think I’m getting him the right part if I order that one from eBay. I hope that’s all he needs but I’ll probably text to make sure he got a torch to get it off. Appreciate the quick responses , this is a great forum!

Check for the parts on rockauto. I trust them more than random eBay sites.

I’ve been told the oxygen sensor can be really tough to get out? I hope this guy is able to remove that without breaking it. I’ve heard they can be expensive . I think it’s right on the catalytic converter itself

Disconnect the O2 sensor wire so it comes out with the cat. MUCH easier to remove when you have lots of room and not on your back. If your guy has a torch, heat the bung the sensor screws into, not the sensor, and it should come out. If not, buy a new one, they aren’t that expensive.

Buy a new O2 sensor, about $100.

I’m with Bill on this. Just buy a new sensor. It’s worth the extra few bucks.
Be sure you get new flange gaskets too.

I would suspect that the exhaust system needs more work than the OP thinks. The last work I had done by an independent shop was worth it. No way I would have got under the car for that amount of money.

I’ve done a pretty good number of exhaust systems, and the trick is to expect to cut the existing bolts and replace the hardware new. Trying to save nuts and bolts, or even O2 sensors, is folly. It’s well worth the extra bucks to consider them expendable.

Hey guys just wanted to say I appreciate the advice so much. This site works great and the forum is just the best! I’m going to use all your advice and I think he’ll get that oxygen sensor out because I’m going to remove that whole catalytic converter Pipe. Great tip mustang , I think with cat removed he should be able to get it out.

I second the motion to find a good independent exhaust system shop. I replaced one muffler on my 1978 Oldsmobile. The muffler was at the rear of the car so I didn’t have to raise it up. The job took me about 2 hours including gong to NAPA for the muffler and clamp. When that muffler failedxa couple of years later, I took it to an independent muffler shop. The job was completed in 10 minutes and the total price, parts and labor was less than I paid for the muffler at NAPA…

Concur with the advice above to replace the affected parts w/new, and cut the rusted fasteners off rather than trying to remove them by wrench, if they give you even the first sign of trouble. There’s four methods I’ve used for cutting fasteners

  • Dremmel rotary tool w/cut off wheel (best method if it works)
  • Nut splitter tool
  • Hack saw blade (very tedious, but usually works)
  • Sawz-all with metal cutting blade (works very fast, but can damage nearby stuff)

I’ve needed various sized punches and a hammer too to remove the bolts after the nuts/heads have been cut off.

I’ve also used an angle grinder with a cutting disc on it… when there’s room to do so.
NOTE: ALWAYS wear eye protection when cutting metal!!!

@“the same mountainbike” For sure, Had to have an xray before mri because I could not guarantee there were no metal splinters in my eyes. After so many years with no safety glasses, now a sop how could I make such a guarantee.