Leaking cabrio

Not sure what to do. I have a 2000 red cabrio that I love. I spent $15,000 on it used. In the past two years I have spent over $6000 mostly on replacing the hydraulics for the top. Now when it rains, it also rains in my car and since it has gotten colder in Phila I have 2 inch icebergs on the floor of the rear of my car. I feel like some morning I will go out to my car and some little critters will be iceskating on the floor. I was quoted $1200 for repair of the seals to avoid leaking and $800 to replace the soggy, smelly carpet. I have 78,000 miles on my car. My question is should I pay to fix it or buy a new mini cooper convertible and just trade it in. In good conscience I could not sell it privately.

Donny, I have a 1996 Chevy Beretta that does the same thing. I have been told it might be the seal on my winshield. The seal on the sunshield or that water is coming through vents. One thing I did that helped a lot but did not cure it completely was to get black gorilla tape that is water tight, put it all the way around my winshield and backwindow as well as framed the sunroof. I had 90 % success doing this… If you put it on staright it is not even noticeable. Of course you might want to get red tape.