VW Rabbit water leaking

Please help me have an idea about what to expect from the repair estimate appt tomorrow:

My VW Rabbit (2007) has water in the spare tire well (under hatchback floor); under the floor mats in the back (passenger side has puddled up over the floor mat); appears to have water inside the driver side wall (seat belts are damp and have mildew); appears to have water leaking from under the passenger side onto the ground (backseat end).

This is not a case of windows or sun roof having been left open. Nor have I driven through a flooded area of significance. Last year the rear-passenger-side of this car was destroyed in a 50mph hit by an SUV and insurance co. chose to have it repaired rather than total…

Thanks for any insight you may have!

The most likely source of the leak is the rubber seal around the hatch, followed by the rear window seal.

You can test this yourself with a garden hose or with a sprinkling can. If you can locate the leak yourself and report it to the shop you are in a good position to deter an exaggerated repair estimate.

In fact, if the problem is simply the rubber gasket around the hatch, you may even be able to replace it yourself for simply the cost of the part. If it’s the window seal, a tube of silicone sealant can do the trick for you.

Thanks for the tip!

Where would I see the water leaking through if it’s the hatch? The water seems to be going inside the frame or something…

Make it a two-man job. Someone inside (seats down, trunk stuff removed) checks for the leaks.

You have two problems here. First a drain is plugged on the passenger side were it was hit. Second the drain for the hatch is a tube and it is disconnected. If you have sun roof that drain could also be a problem. When the new sheet metal installed the drains were most likely caulked over or the drain tubes were not hooked up.

Good job oldbodyman

“Last year the rear-passenger-side of this car was destroyed in a 50mph hit by an SUV and insurance co. chose to have it repaired rather than total…”

I have managed a Volkswagen body shop (during the darker years of my past). This problem very well could relate to the body repair, but not necessarily. This is a case when it pays to have a real insurance agent in a real brick and mortar building in your neighborhood instead of an “E-gent” in cyberspace.

Heatherann, I would contact the agent and let them know that should this leak and consequential damage relate to the repair work that you expect it will be covered. The agent should make it happen for you. Did your insurance company cover this or another’s insurance ?


i have the same make and model, vw rabbit hatchback 2007, and am experiencing the same thing. my floor mats in the back had puddles of water under them, the front floors were wet as well but not to the same extent. the condensation makes the seats wet and they started to mold in the back. every morning there is water all over the inside of the windshield and windows. we wet vaced and sprayed something for the mold. we cleaned leaves and things out from the little moat between the windshield and hood. we even did a water test with a hose and sprayed the whole car for seal leaks, and nothing. when we went to the dealership they said it was $400 just to run an overnight test and i really can’t afford that. my car has zero body damage, it has never been in an accident. i only have 16,000 miles, the car has been gently used. does anyone have any ideas?? i’m no car expert so perhaps the water testing wasn’t accurate, but i think it was. help!! is this a common problem in this car? i have no ideas.