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Leakage, just fixed my air compressor

So i had it fixed by a mechanic on craiglist, i know, know first mistake,but its because i had the alternator changed the starter, and jt still wouldn’t start, anyways now it runs problem is idk if this mechanic messed something up on purpose or the leak is from something else? HELP?

“Just fixed my air compressor”, “I had the alternator changed the starter”.
This information is confusing.

Tell us about the leak, what are your observations?

Well i noticed just today , thr mechanic did the job yesterday i was trying to drive to get grocerys and the meter on the dash was moving towards H so i didnt take it out any further, i looked underneath for a quick minute there was a bolt that was leaking the chemical try to tighten it with my hand but it still leaked , my question was is there a way the mechanic i hired could of made a mistake on purpose to have more work?

The car wouldnt start, had other mechanics look at it changed the alternator,and starter, found out it was air pump that was locking up on the bearings or so the mechanic said he did his job and it starts but now it leaks sorry for the long messages

Sounds like the crankcase drain plug? Check your oil level ! Get it towed to a mechanic, as the plug could fall out and kill your engine.

They are not long, just confusing…

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The liquid smelled like water not oil or anything but it seemmed to effect the overheating gauge

What color was it? Yellowish? I’m wondering if you’re leaking coolant…check your oil first, then check to see if you have any coolant in your overflow

Edit: what model year is your park avenue and how many miles are on it?

Honestly it looked like water it didnt have the coolent color its a 1992, and as for the miles i will have to check right now getting ready for work i appreciate the help. I will fnd the mileage in 10 min . Thank you

What led you to this conclusion? If the liquid was dripping on the ground, and it was colorless and smelled like water, it was probably water. Your air conditioner pulls water out of the air, and it drains out under the car.

Well i found it weird my gauge was pulling a little too much to overheating and the red zone

If you want it looks like can upload video or pictures i will do so after work, thanks for patience

replaced alternator? replaced starter? car won’t start? possibly overheating? dripping some fluid? fixed leaking a/c compressor? very loose unknown bolt?
1992 Buick Park Avenue?

The leak you are describing sounds like condensation coming form the a/c system, which would be normal, and perhaps new to you, if you just got the a/c system repaired.

As for the rest, I highly suggest you find a mechanic to give your car a complete look over. Look for someone trusted: Ask friends, ask family, ask coworkers, or look on the Mechanics Files here. Sounds as if your car is in really, really bad shape, or your craigslist mechanic is trying hard to rip you off.

With the overheating, make sure your radiator is full. On a gar this old cooling systems fail. IMHO it is a coincidence that the leaks showed up after the other service work.

Well get this he texted me right now asking me if im driving it around … im at work mind you. But the most weird thing is someone told me it might be the thermostat its my fault for hiring a craiglist mechanic

I didnt get the a/c repaired he basically put a used compressor just to get the car to start he said the old bairings where locked, as is why my car wouldn’t start

So a coworker toady told me it might be a head gasket, i opened up the oil to check it looked diluted, so i started the engine and opened the oil gasket and it was smoking. Any ideas sorry its been a whole 15 days but i havent had the money or time to take it to a mechanic and this website right now is my only grace

What do you mean by “diluted?”

If it looks kind of like chocolate milk, then yeah, it’s probably a head gasket.

Yeah its sorta a little to watery to be oiley if that makes sence, but i
dumped some oil next to me and it obviously was thicker, compared to the
one in the car.

“I opened up the oil to check it looked diluted, so i started the engine and opened the oil gasket and it was smoking.” I witnessed someone who had checked the oil in a Ford Pinto by removing the filler cap and looking inside. They said they couldn’t see any and were going to fill it up with a gallon of bulk oil. I checked the dipstick and it was on the full mark.