2016 Buick Encore - bo-oh-gus AC diagnosis?

I was told on June 1 that my a/c compressor on my 2016 Buick with 45k miles was leaking and would need to be replaced. It is now eight weeks and a day later and the a/c is till blowing ice cold
and the compressor is still cycling on and off properly. Was the diagnosis I was given bo-oh-gus?

Since you did not say where this diagnosis came from why not just have an independent AC shop look at it . Might be less costly to have the leak fixed now rather then let things go and possibly need all new parts.

I was given the diagnosis 6/1 at the GM dealer where I bought the vehicle used and was there only for a routine oil change/rotation. Never mentioned the a/c because I had no reason too. They also suggested $400 plus in other work-- alignment, fuel treatment, etc.–in addition to the 1k compressor replacement. I talked with a local shop with a solid reputation a week later and they said wait for actual symptoms such as blowing warm. Question: wouldn’t even a small freon leak show symptoms by now as the a/c is being used daily in this hot summer we’re having?

A money-maker, the cost of the product as well as another 1/2 hour of labor.

Totally agree.

If the compressor is leaking you should see some oil at the leak.

They must have spotted compressor oil stains, it would be very unusual to see refrigerant gas leaking. This may have been leaking for a year or more by now, can’t predict when the loss will be enough to cause a performance problem with the A/C system, perhaps next spring you will find that the system has lost refrigerant.

You don’t need to take action right now but if you had an extended warranty you would appreciate their close observation in order to have the A/C repaired before the warranty expires.

Drive on until you see a loss in cooling capability.