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Leak on front right hand side (passenger side) in car

Dear all,

I have 1997 Toyota Avalon, it has 35K miles on it. It runs very smoothly. Recently, I found that there is some sort of leak on front right hand side (passenger side) in car when I park for around 20-30 mins or more after deriving. The liquid is kind of colorless, may be non-oily,

Although I never felt any problem in deriving,

Any suggestions/solutions will be much appreciated…

Thanks and Regards,


In order for us to give you an answer with much value, you are going to have to give us a lot more help than you are doing currently. After all, you are on the scene and we are not!

"The liquid is kind of colorless"
Is it colorless or not?
Use a paper towel to soak up some of the liquid, and then tell us what color–if any–is present.

"may be non-oily"
Either is has an oily feel, or it does not.
Place some of this liquid on the tip of your index finger, and rub it with the tip of your thumb. Does it feel oily?

"leak on front right hand side (passenger side) in car"
Is the leak INSIDE the car, or do you observe this liquid on the ground, outside the car?

You might also tell us if the liquid has any odor.

Additionally–was the air-conditioner running, prior to the liquid appearing?

Also, as a concerned car owner, I am sure that you checked the level of all of the fluids in the car after observing this leak. What did you observe regarding the levels of the motor oil, transmission fluid, coolant, power steering fluid, and brake fluid?

-^- Agreed. That is easy info to ascertain and will tell you/us a great deal more as to what the problem might be.

What color is the liquid? Are you low on any fluids? Is you heat working properly? Is the liquid pooling on the floor or can you see it dripping from you dash? etc…

For crying out loud- it is just the condensed water draining from the A?C .

Either the drain tube from your AC condenser is blocked up or your heater core sprung a leak. Probably the AC drain tube.

lol. I agree, and it might be mixed with pollen and other fine solids to lend it an “almost oily” feel.

If the leak is inside the car, then–of course–it is likely to be condensate from the A/C.

However, the way that the post is written tells me that the OP’s native language is not English.
One of the more difficult concepts for non-native speakers of English is the difference between terms such as “in”, “on”, and “of”. Because of this possible confusion of terms, I am not sure that the OP meant to tell us that the leak is inside the car.

Once the OP responds to the questions that I asked, we will have a much better idea about the actual source of the leak.