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Coolant Leak at engine block

Took my '99 Toyota Avalon in to the dealer for the 60,000 mile service at just a little under 60K miles and was told there was a coolant leak at the engine block. Service noticed dried residue on block, cleaned it and performed an “ED” pressure test and confirmed leaking on the side of the block below the exhaust manifold. I am a woman—this means nothing to me but at a quoted “fix” (new block?, new engine?)at the cost of $7000, I’d like to know what you think. Dealer told me they’d never seen this before and never fixed a problem

like this. I love this car and have never had any problems with it; it’s paid for. Is this problem worth fixing or should I start looking for a new car? One “fix” they recommended was drilling a small hole at the leak site and installing a nut and bolt to close it up.

Would a wad of bubble gum or some duct tape help???!!!


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My parents have a similar car. It continues to serve them well. I’m sorry you’re having this problem. Maybe it’s nothing, maybe it’s serious. We’ll see.

Get a second opinion. Take the car to another Toyota dealer, and let them look at it.

If the engine block is leaking, which would be unusual, I suggest you ask Toyota to replace it free of charge. Engine blocks should NEVER leak. An engine block is solid metal, it’s not supposed to be porous. If the block (the huge chunk of metal that makes up the majority of the engine) was something wrong when it was manufactured, and Toyota, being the good car-maker they are, should want to fix it. Free. Regardless of age or mileage.

If, on the other hand, the leak is from a gasket, then it’s not Toyota’s problem at all.

I suggest you learn how to check the coolant level, and start doing so on a regular basis. If the level remains constant over time, you have nothing to worry about. If the coolant level drops, then there is a problem.

Do you know how to check the coolant level?

Never heard the term “ED” pressure check. Any help?

Never heard the term “ED” pressure check. Any help?

I think you’ll need to ask Bob Dole about that.

I would also get another opinion, it seems unlikely that the block itself is leaking. Try another dealer or an independent shop that specializes in toyota.

Excellent reply,best laugh of my day

I’ve never heard that term either, maybe it’s some kind of a dye test.