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Radiator Coolant Leak 99 avalon

I drive a 1999 Toyota Avalon XLE and my radiator is leaking coolant from what looks like 2-3 spots. I replaced this radiator and the new one is leaking it is pooling very lightly on the top in the ridges of the radiator, and dripping on both sides below. I want to say it is the lines but i got new clamps and I even went as far as to spray silicon on the hard plastic piece the large softlines attach too so that inside under the clamps it would form a seal. the radiator I got is a Silla radiator if that matters

Some pictures would be helpful

If you’re sure all the hoses and lines are in good shape and NOT leaking, then I suggest you get that radiator warrantied

Should be no problem, if you still have the paper receipt, and if it was just a short time ago

“I want to say it is the lines” . . . that is why you should post pictures, because apparently there may be some doubt, as to what is actually leaking

Actually, I’m not sure I would have used that silicone spray. That stuff stays pretty slippery, and might prevent a good seal

when you say “softlines” I assume you mean upper and lower radiator hoses?

The coolant is pooling around all those teeth on the radiator edge does this mean the radiator is cracked? it pools on the ridges of the fans also and it drips down both sides inconspicuously. I don’t think the leans can be leaking I want to believe they are because it took a week for the part to arrive because nobody local had it on hand.

Based on your description, it sounds like the radiator core is not sealed well in the black plastic cover on top. It also sounds like you installed the radiator yourself. You can verify leaks by testing how well the radiator holds pressure.

Use paper towels or something similar & dry the top of the radiator of all coolant then wrap paper towels around the radiator end of the top hose where it connects to the radiator & see if the towels around the hose get soaked with coolant before coolant shows up somewhere else or not .

My '96 cracked its radiator because the engine mounts were worn, allowing the engine to rock, which flexed the hoses and cracked the radiator.

it sounds like you replaced the radiator, but used the old hoses. I’d buy new hoses and while replacing them, clean off that silicone.
@Sloepoke has a good thought there. The paper towel should get wet before you see coolant forming on the radiator top.

As a last resort you could take it somewhere and have them pressurize the system. That should help find the source of the leak.