Leak near water pump connector?

Hey everyone, I own a 2009 Prius with 109,500 miles on it. It has no codes with OBD II scanner as of right now. Heard a mumbling noise today towards the engine while driving slowly and pulled over to check it out. It was leaking a substance i’m assuming is water as it’s connecting to what I think is the water pump, the fluid was not oily; had no color and was odorless. I haven’t yet inspected how tight maybe this connector is to what I think is the water pump, It’s only leaking a tiny bit but it’s noticeable. Do you think and inspecting this and tightening it is actually viable or should I have someone more professional check things out? Thank you.

I am no mechanic, but I see water on my garage floor everytime I drive this time of year… Almost always after running the Air Conditioner…could it be from the A/C?


If it has no smell and is not oily, it is not coolant from the engine. It is water from the AC condensate drain.