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94 Nissan SEV6 power sport Mystery Leak?

Last Fall/Winter I replaced the timing belt and water pump in my truck. I’m not sure if the leak was there before or not, if so it’s gotten progressively worse since. It’s not a huge leak, but my (incredibly steep) drive way has quite a bit of oil on it. Here’s what I know. It’s not motor oil, my engine oil level is not lower than usual, and the oil on the drive way is not dirty. It’s almost clear. (I do have a very slight engine oil leak, but it’s less than half a quart per 5000 miles)
I checked my power steering fluid and break fluid levels and they are fine. (could be that one was over filled?)
It’s not coolant since it’s not green or watery.
Does my incredibly steep drive way have anything to do with it? It’s steep enough that my wifes Kia Spectra doesn’t have enough clearance to drive up.
Any suggestions? The leak seems to be on my passenger side coming out of the engine compartment.


Is the AC working?


The air is working perfectly. I wonder if it’s water condensation mixing with the small amount of engine oil leaking out. :smiley: Good call. That explains why it’s “getting worse” as the season progresses.
I hope that’s the problem anyway.
Can you think of any way that I can check it?

I thought about it. I’m going to stop using the air conditioner, for a week maybe, and see if it stops. Unless there is some other way that someone smarter can think of… because it’s getting stinking hot around these parts.

There are 36,500 drops of oil in a quart that equates to 1140 drops per ounce. Check the valve cover gaskets for sign of leaking as that is one common source.