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Leak near sunroof? (called a "Moon Roof")

I just bought a 2000 Mercury Villager with a “leaking sunroof” but the leaks are above the front door openings & between the sunroof & windshield near the interior lights.

Friend who has another car with a sunroof says it may be the windshield?

Ford Dealer thinks it might be sunroof drains are clogged?

Thoughts, advice? Should I pay the big bucks - $130.00! - to get the drains cleared?

Thanks! Paula

If you are at all handy, there are many videos and tutorials online that show you how to attempt a basic clearing of those drains yourself. Looks like all you need is a decent shop vacuum and perhaps some narrow tubing. If that doesn’t work, you are no worse off than you are now.

I guess if you can’t do it yourself it would be wise to pay someone before it gets any worse. I did have one car that leaked at the windshield but when the windshield was taken out, there were rust holes underneath that was causing the leak. So you should have someone take a look that knows what they are doing. Especially if there is a little rust along the top of the windshield.