Drain holes for sunroof

The sunroof on my '98 Explorer leaks. I heard an episode on Cartalk that said ti was because the drain hole were clogged. How do I find the drain holes and “unclog” them?

get in an have some one pour water over the sun roof an see where it leaks in The hole is very close bye

The drains that they were referring to are in the A-pillars, those pillars on the sides of the windshield. You can locate them by looking carefully or calling the dealer’s bodyshop and asking them exactly where the drains are.

There should be one at each corner of the sunroof. There is an opening at the top and the bottom. Pouring a little water in each one should show you the other end where the water will come out.

The two tricks used to clean them out is to use compressed air or string grass trimmer string. In either case if you are too aggressive you can do more damage than good.

Thanks for the advise