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Dodge stratus 04 water on the floor after it rained

Yesterday it rained heavy all day. Today when I got in my car, I saw the car floor wet, the floor mats was wet also. The whole floor was pretty much wet and damp but It was mostly on the back left side, it was a puddle of water there. Here’s a pic:

Also when I drive it sounds like water is in my car. Like a sloshing sound.

Does anyone know why this could be happening?

Check if the drains at the bottom of the door(s) are plugged.


Do you have a sunroof?

No it doesn’t have a sunroof.

Not to sound dumb lol. But how exactly do I test this out ?

Test what out?

I how do I check to see if the drains are plugged. Like what exactly do I look for in what area of the door?

You open the doors, and under the doors there are drain holes.

Take something like a length of plastic string trimmer wire and poke it into the holes to see if water runs out.


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Check the spare tire well. If water leaks in though a tail light into the trunk the spare tire well can fill up and water can run into the back seat floor.

Run an ozone generator in the car for a while after you eventually get it dried out… it will kill any mold spores or smell.

Shouldn’t the leak first be found?


“After you eventually get it dried out”… read between the lines :wink:

Fixing it should be the first step. I had nothing to add as far as fixing it goes. Just giving a suggestion as far as rehabilitation.

These are the three area’s I’d suspect (presuming a window wasn’t completely closed)

  • Door drains
  • Tail light area
  • Windshield drain system

As this occurs only after a rainstorm, and the water is in the rear, this one seems unlikely, but fyi I do see a service bulletin (sedan only) for water leaking onto the floor from the AC system. tsb 24-18-5.

Hey guys. I cleaned the drained holes and had to wait until it rains to see if helped. So it rained hard last night while I was at work and when I got in my car the floor was wet again. But not like a puddle like was during that rainstorm that day. So all sides were damp but the driver front and rear side were the most wet. And the passenger front was wet but the back passenger side didn’t get wet at all. So it isn’t the door drain holes because i cleaned everything door. You guys have any other idea what it could be?

My dad isn’t a mechanic but he thinks it’s the rubber on the bottom of the doors that could have worn out. Does anyone know what this rubber is called?

Here a pic

I myself think that rubber strip on the bottom of the door was added by someone, and that is was is not letting the water drain out.

Window seals could be leaking too as could the deck lid gasket.

Forget the door seal.

That wouldn’t let water in the vehicle as it’s sitting in the rain.

Have someone check if water is collecting in the trough below the windshield where the windshield wiper linkage is located.


Hello everyone. So you all think the water on the floor is coming from the windshield area? My dad still thinks it’s the door but I feel you all are more experienced about things like this. So how can I test this out? Do I just pour a hose over the windshield are for a few minutes and see if the floor is getting wet?

Turn the hose on it and see what you get, have someone in the car looking around while you do it if you can.

Ok I have a few more questions guys. So we poured water over the windshield with a bowl full of water and a lot of water was on the ground. Like in the front and in the middle everywhere. Is that much supposed to be on the ground. I’m asking because we tried the same thing with my brothers care he has a 2015 optima and only water was on the ground on the side not in the middle or anything like my car had.

Question #2: does The floor being wet only in the middle means it can’t be coming through the door and maybe it’s coming from under the car somehow? I ask this because I noticed only the middle would be wet but the side where the door is isn’t wet at all. And it’s mostly the left driver side front and back floor. The front right passenger side was a little wet in the middle and back passenger was completely dry.