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Leak/hole in exhaust repair question

I have a 2000 Suburu Forester the has a hole in the exhaust. I noticed today, the car became very loud during acceleration.

I plan on getting a new car in the next few months, but I was wondering if I could temporarily fix this problem with a sealant or something like that for the time being?? I included a picture of the leak. Any advice would be awesome. Thanks in advance.
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The pipe is rotten with rust.

And there’s nothing there to weld to.

Replace the rusted out exhaust components.


You could certainly try some high heat jbweld, seen worse in used car lots like a guy who tried to fix a transmission leak with bondo :’(

+1 for @Tester

I suspect there is more damage to the exhaust than just the one place. The amount a muffler shop would charge is cheaper than a trip to the emergency room due to fumes getting in the car.

You’re not going to be able to patch this. Anything you try will get blown off in short order. If you insist on putting off repairs, keep your windows open for fresh air, and don’t let kids ride in the vehicle.

I’d need to see it in a wider view, but to my eyes it appears that it might be a rotted “V” clamp. The pipe itself appears to be intact. It’s hard to tell from just the photo, but it might be possible to repair it with a “banded V” clamp. I’ve attached a few examples, but you may want to google “exhaust clamps” to see all the various types available. There’re a lot of options.

For the record, I repaired one that looked a very lot like yours just four or five months ago with a new “V clamp”. The pipes were stainless, but the clamp’s parts weren’t.