'98 Camry window molding cracks, paint peeling

I have a '98 Camry. The windshield and side window rubber gaskets/molding is cracking, and there’s paint peeling on the roof. I have 166k on it and it runs fine. Do I need to do something about these issues? I’m concerned about water leaks (not yet), but don’t care about it cosmetically. Don’t want to put alot of money into it.
Thanks in advance!

I don’t see that either issue would be a problem other than the possibility of water entering past the weatherstrip and possibly getting the carpet or seats wet.

If you ever need a new weatherstrip you might check eBay or Amazon. Odds are you could get new ones for a very reasonable price and they’re not difficult to change out.

The paint is another issue. There’s no cure for that other than a repaint. If the roof is the only flawed area you could check with MAACO for an inexpensive respray on the roof if that peeling paint ever becomes a real irritant to look at.

Thanks ok4450!