Found Source To Water Leak In Trunk (taurus/sable)

hi - I have a 2001 taurus/sable.

I have now found the source of the water leaking into my trunk, but I don’t understand it. To see the leak, you need to pull the felt trunk fabric off of the inside overhead in the trunk. If I pour water into either of the roof seams where they intersect with the rear window, I can see a stream of water on the inside overhead area of the trunk. This is made up of two pieces of metal welded together for strength. The water gets in between them and drains through several small holes into the trunk. These look like factory holes, because it looks like they are very uniform and painted. Maybe used to hang on wire when they were painted?

It seems like I need to remove the rear window to see why water is getting down into that channel rather than flowing around the trunk rubber seal.

Anyone familiar with this? I’m thinking of removing the rear window, if it seems like that is the problem. If you have any tips on removing the window, I’d appreciate it.



I don’t think you don’t want to remove the window. That wouldn’t be a good thing. You may need to remove the outside seal though to place some silicone in the area. You might also try putting some silicone under the seal between it and the window, so you don’t remove anything.

Before proceeding, I would suggest calling or binging the car to a auto glass shop. Tell them what you know and ask them what they would charge to fix it. You may get lucky and if you have them do it, chances are that they will do a good job.

take it to a glass shop. see what they will charge.

you could get a tube of gutter cement (kind of like silicone, but more rubbery) and clean off the offending area, and dry it well (acetone) and squirt in a bunch of that. I would try to squirt it in from the underside, where you see the water coming from though, try to force it up the same channel where it is coming down from, then, try to cover the offending gap on the outside.

the only down side to this is, if you DON"T get it all the way into the holes, then it will make the job of cleaning it up again really tough)

yeah - now that I figured out where the entry point is, I think I will try a glass shop as suggested and I’ll also see if ford has a plan. You would think that they have seen this identical problem. I’ve worked with caulks and leaks and it can be hard.

I would have expected somebody to have analyzed this whole thing by now. I’d love to go to a wrecking yard and take one apart to understand what is “supposed” to be happening. This is a clean low mileage car that has this major flaw but is otherwise very nice. Maybe I’ll just move to a drier climate :slight_smile:

fwiw - I got a tube of polyurethane caulk and filled in the channel as suggested. Worked great! Thanks for the suggestions…