Leaf Springs / 78 Ford F250 Camper Special

I recently acquired a 1978 Ford F250 Camper Special. My questions is in regards to the front leaf springs… they arc down verses up. I asked the previous owner, who is the only owner and bought it new in 78, about them. He said he asked the sales rep the same question in 78. The sales rep said that is how Ford designed them.

Can anyone confirm that this is correct for the front leaf springs on a '78 F250 camper special? I have looked online and cannot find any reference to this. I have also looked at online retailers that sell replacement leaf springs. None offer front leaf springs that arc down.

Any insight would be appreciated.

Take Care.

Is this a 4WD truck? The “Twin I-Beam” set-up used on 2WD Ford Trucks of that era used coil springs…

My old Motors manual leaves me clueless here also. All F-100 thru F-250 trucks show coil springs at the front, both 2x4 and 4x4. There is an 8100 GVW F-250 alignment specification in the footnotes but no details of a 1 piece I beam with leaf springs.

That was normal for the F250/350 with the two-leaf front spring.

The springs are shot. Here’s what they should look like.