Need front bushing for leaf springs



I have a 2001 4x4 f350 7.3, this truck has a 4inch lift. Can everyone help me find bushing for the front leaf springs. The dealer is no help. A web site for 4x4 bushing might help. I have looked all over the web for bushings.


I take it you did not install the lift or you would know who to call first. Most spring suppliers sell bushings too. All you need to know is the OD, ID and length. I googled on the following terms and got pages of suppliers: leaf spring bushings F350


You are right, I didn’t install the lift kit. But I will google leaf spring bushing. Now I just need to take the old bad bushings out to get OD,ID and length. Thanks for the help. I will try this. It’s really bad on the divers side under the floorboard. If I buy the whole shackle would it be easier to change out.


Any large city will have a shop that fabricates leaf springs from scratch. They will have all the bushings and shackles you will need…Look in the phone book under “Wheel, Frame & Axle”…


thanks alot guys. I live in a large city and this will work.


If you still can’t find any, the folks on pirate4x4 might be able to help. Its a board with 4x4 enthusiasts. Just look around in the Ford section.