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2001 Ford F-250 front tire destroyer

My F-250 7.3 liter diesel is eating up front tires. I have tried new upper and lower ball joints, new shocks, alignment, and new tires (again). Tire wear is on the outside right and inside left. At times when the brakes are applied it causes a shake and vibration. One mechanic though I should get the leaf springs redone. HELP!!

Are you driving on roads with a severe “crown” that shifts the weight to right? Pulling any trailers? Plowing snow? What kind of miles are you getting from the tires? Is it a stock suspension set up? Or, does it have a lift kit for more ground clearance? What tire pressures are you running? Are the tires the stock size as per the label on the doorjam?

regular roads, no trailers, no snow plowing, regluar suspension, no lift, recommended tire pressure and size

Is the tuck 4x4? What is the normal load? How much do you weigh?

The alignment needs to be looked at again. Whatever is wrong should be revealed by a 4 wheel alignment.

From the description, it sounds like the vehicle is “dog tracking” - and that is caused by the rear axle not being square to the chassis.

But it is troubling that braking is causing a vibration. You absolutely need to find what is going on there.