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Later Model Buick Roadmaster

Yesterday I saw a later model (probably) ‘full-sized’ car with a logo on the trunk that said “Roadmaster”. I wonder what it was.

It could have been anything made from the 70’s on. It was clean (obviously garaged) but it looked sleek and modern with smooth lines and it was about as large as cars get—but slightly down-sized from the largest Buicks got. It had a look like the front was low and the back end raised a bit—but obviously stock and not modified.

I love large cars and would consided such owning such a cool looking beast.

Does anyone know what I saw?

You probably saw the last iteration of the Roadmaster, which was a Chevy Caprice under its inflated skin.
It’s not a bad car, as long as you want something that lumbers, bobs, and wallows all over the road.

Buick Roadmaster 91 -96, same frame as the Chevrolet Caprice (B-Body), also 91-96

VDC, I take exception to your slanderous remarks, my 93 Caprice is the best handling sofa I’ve ever driven.

Ed B.

I like lumbering and bobing—had a 66’ Caprice.

the Roadmaster logo what was made it cool. the '49 didnt have airbags

thx for the info

Ed & Mark

The Roadmaster, had a much softer suspension than the Caprice, even though it was probably 95% the same mechanically in other respects. Thus, the “ok” handling of the Caprice is “not so ok” on the bulbous Roadmaster.

Hey, just don’t turn. My parents had a 1964 Cadillac Model 62 sedan, and it was a total monster in a straight line. But if you took a turn over 15 MPH, it dipped so badly that it stalled. Darned carburetor cars.

TG:USA filled the thing to the brim with water inside, forget how many gallons they said it took, but you could see the tires bulging in protest from the weight. It still went around their test track under it’s own Corvette engine’s power.

The '90s Roadmaster came out about a year after Jay Leno told a couple jokes referring to a roadmaster on ‘The Tonight Show’.

Coincidence? You be the judge.

“The '90s Roadmaster came out about a year after Jay Leno told a couple jokes referring to a roadmaster …”

Leno has an obsession with the Buick Roadmaster. He had a 1950s Roadmaster as his regular ride for many years and still owns it now that he’s a rich guy. These days it runs on a Corvette suspension and a crate motor. The lead-in to the show used to show him driving to the studio in his Roadmaster.