1947 Buick Roadmaster hearse

Interesting photo I ran across. The caption to it states it is an 18 window 1947 Buick Roadmaster hearse.

One comment someone made about it was now he knows where the 1956 Chevy bumper came from.

Yeah those tail lights look like Chevy lights too. I don’t think they even knew what fender fins were though in 1947 and that trim on the quarter panel is similar to the 58 Buick. I suspect someone did some customizing on this one but what a shame to let it go to rust.

I’d wondered about the fins. 1947 seemed a decade early…

Definitely NOT a '47 Roadmaster. Not a Roadmaster at all - note the 3 portholes. A Roadmaster would have 4. A Buick Special has 3. It is using 56 Chevy rear lights and bumper.

This is a '47 - All 47 wagons were woodies.

This is a '57 Special wagon - note the front trim has 3 portholes but no reverse swoop on the front and the rear trim is all wrong

This is a 57 Pontiac Starchief - note the trim!

Yeah, that rear end has nothing to do with a '47 Roadmaster, got modified over the years I bet:

I think it’s a rusto-rod. As such, it’s a combination of several cars. It does look like Chevrolet bumper and rear lights, but the fins look more like late 50s Cadillac.

Whatever it really is, it is very strange looking and nothing like any regular hearse I’ve ever seen. :upside_down_face:

The vehicle was located in Greece, this story is from April, 2015;

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Me neither but apparently in some cultures the dead get to be on display on the way to their final resting place…


Hearses in the '40’s could be pretty awesome. Check this one out. It’s a '41 Packard with carved panels making up the gothic windows:

I’m not usually a hearse guy, but I’d daily that thing. :smiley:

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You’d never see another one like it coming the other way! And there is space to take a nap if you needed.


A veeeeerrrrrrry long nap…


I wouldn’t be caught dead in that thing


Yeah I’m thinking I wanna be sprinkled not carried or driven anywhere-for sure not with windows.

Bands used to like those old hearses or ambulances to transport all their stuff in. Beat a U haul anyway but still wouldn’t be something I’d want-out of respect. In fact in town my insurance agent and a few other guys bought an old ambulance to go to University football games. Great for tailgating. Complete with lights and siren.

No, it’s actually a Cadillac.

This will show you what the front clip of a '41 Packard looked like:

The first thought I had seeing the OP picture was-

Warriors, want to come to plaaayyy?
But that was actually a caddy-

I stand corrected. Shouldn’t have just gone with what the label said. :wink:

Wow it’s actually being restored. There is a link to his facebook page. What a project.

Those Benz hearses are hideous, in my opinion

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There is a guy rebuilding this his name is Dante Fontana find him on Facebook.