LOW miles?

Local seller has 02 trans am fire hawk for sale. 91 miles! Really. Anyone else know of low mile cars for sale? Say 10 yrs old or more?

I wouldn’t be interested. If reliability is important, not using a car can be as hard on it as misusing it…that according to more then a few mechanics .

I remember a story some time ago about a dealership out west that had a brand new 1986 Buick Grand National V6 Turbo that went unsold for years on the showroom floor. As of that story, the car was still considered brand new, never titled.

PS - Found it. Buick GNX, my bad.

Only folks that want to seal them up for display are interested, but there’s a number of them. Can’t drive it or you destroy much of the value. Where’s the fun in that?

Not a business investment question. Am just looking for other examples of low to no mile cars for sale. U could say this car is just as good as new Camaro. LS V8. Don’t think new camaros have any new motor technology. He is only asking about 30k. Same as new Camaro. And I think the chassis tech is not much improved on new camaros. BUT, the question is about older, never driven cars.

A car that sat undriven for over ten years will not make a good daily driver. Nor will it ever be a collectible museum piece.

Engine & transmission seals, hoses, belts and pretty much everything else made of rubber may need to be replaced. I would take another car with normal miles that has been properly repaired over one of these “barn finds” any day.

Agree, an 11 year old car with almost no miles on it will need a lot of work to get it to “new” condition. I would offer no more than 50-60% of the new price. No doubt rust will have started somewhere as well. You will definitely not get the miles out or years out of this car than you would from a 2013 new sample.

If the car was stored indoors in a normal or low humidity place it should be in excellent condition. I would not worry about the rubber parts for a few years. I have been storing one of our cars, a diesel, every winter since I bought the car new in the 1980s and I can assure you that when the car is correctly stored, deterioration stops. Using a car is what brings it down. If you want new tires, that’s up to you. I’d try running them for a while.

I used to store another car during summers; same thing applies as what I said about the winter stored car.

An '02 is nowhere near as good as a '13. Nowhere.

For the price he’s asking, I’d go with a new Camaro. Or Mustang, but that’s my preference.

Proper storage prevents premature deterioration of elastomers, but it does not stop it. And a car that age with that low a mileage has (assuming the mileage is accurate…which I doubt) not been run enough to keep those things lubricated that need to be kept lubricated. Oil on bearing surfaces does not just sit there forever. Coolant that’s used to lubricate the water pump and keep seals and O-rings pliable doesn;t do so if everything just sits. Brake components, unless kept in a low RH environment and/or coated with a preservative, rust. And then there’re the tranny and differential components and gears. The car’s only 11 years old now, but not being run hasen’t left in in the same condition it was when it was parked.

And $30,000? he’s almost as nutty as someone who would buy it from him.

I don’t think people realize the rarity of the 02 Firehawk, it’s quite a rare car, and 2002 was the last year for them. $30k is not an unreasonable asking price for an ultra-low mileage example at all. This is not a run of the mill Trans Am or WS6 model, less than 1500 were made.

I knew they are rare, but that’s important more for a collector. The OP sounded like he wants to drive it, which will kill much of the ‘low miles’ value.

I’m sorry, but I’m havng a really hard time beieving that a 2002 Pontiac…ANY 2002 Pontiac…is worth $30,000. The car was a standard Trans Am body, which wasn’t anything special to begin with, with a bigger motor and some trinketry. IMHO this is not a “special” car or collector car. Or rare. To me “special” means provenance and “rare” means very few in existance. These were only made a decade ago. My socks are older than that.

But if the OP thinks it’s worth $30K, than it must be.


Look at it this way, there are about as many of these running around as there are 1967 GT500s. It’s a rare car, and it’s desirable by collectors despite what you many think. It’s sort of like the 2005-2006 Ford GT (in principle), they stickered for around $150k, but because of their rarity and desirability you couldn’t drive one off the lot for less than $175k with some selling for $50k over MSRP, and today, you’d be hard pressed to get into a used one for less than $200k.

Collector cars don’t have to be 40+ years old.

Wellll…the GT is valuable because of its rarity AND knock-out performance. The Firebird, not so much. I think of it more in the ‘low production Hummel’ category. Some folks collect all kinds of stuff, with value not related to much more than rarity.

Another thing I just thought of; what if those 91 miles where done a quarter mile at a time? i.e. strictly a drag racer

This not the place to ask about low mile collector cars. If I had the money I would buy and put it away. You mite be the one selling someday for a good profit. I have bought low mile cars and trucks. Some were fine some were not. The 53 Chevy truck I pulled out of a barn had just under 30k on it. Sat in the barn from 1963 till 1984 under hay. I got running but it was not restorable. It was used a farm truck till the cab fell off. Other end of this was a 1968 Mustang 302 V8 auto-trans just under 34K on it. In a garage on blocks with a cover on it been there from 1972 till 1992. I pulled it put gas in it change the oil and coolant. It started up and ran fine. Drove it for a summer car daily for 2 years only put tires on it and a battery. To me its a roll of the dice.

Low miles or not, I couldn’t decide which is uglier - the Trans Am or the GNX.

Question was, any Other low miles cars out there? First response was “that car sucks”! 13 posts later, it’s still the same. That car sucks. But I see now its hard to get people to answer question. I am looking for cars with <5k miles.