Lady from Alaska with sled dogs

Would lowering the tire pressure add more drag to the ATV?

It seems like she could lower the tire pressure to add more drag for the dogs. Maybe she wouldn’t have to use the brakes quite as much.

I suggest the you start the ATV’s engine and drive the ATV behind the dogs in whatever gear you need to be to run at the dogs “normal” running speed. Then slowly back off the accelerator until the dogs are getting a slight amount of strain (effort). Then select whatever gear you need for the ATV to be pulled at that speed without applying any accelerator. The engine “Should be” ( No guarantees ) fine as it is still running.

Another alternative is to attach a Trailer/Skid on the back if the ATV and load whatever cinder blocks or debris on it to give it the amount of Drag you want for the dogs.

Why not do whatever other people training sled dogs do?

She never said, that I heard, how many dogs she is using at one time. I suggest to lower the number of dogs she is exercising at one time. This means no adding to the weigh of the vehicle. This also means she will have to train longer. She could probably stagger the days the dogs get to exercise them but makes for better one on one time with the animals. This way you don’t need to make new roads or trails unless you actually decide to do so.

I remember hearing this on an earlier show, and this is not the first time I’ve heard something I’m sure has been broadcast before (and I don’t mean on those shows they admit are reruns). It looks like they’re recycling some of their old calls without openly admitting to it. Check out “As read on Car talk, July 5, 2008”

Mechanic 44 years experience. Your option of putting the vehicle, a quad runner, into gear to create drag, could be very dangerous/expensive. Unless she turns off the fuel supply, a carbureted engine will inhale fuel and spread it throughout the intake, cylinder, and exhaust. When she does start the engine, all the excess fuel will be ignited with a big bang.

Wouldn’t the simpler solution be to have the dogs drag a cart? Maybe use a dead car or truck frame. Towing an expensive ATV doesn’t make for a comfortable ride and as pointed out, probably isn’t good for the ATV.