Upgrade suspension?

In today’s paper the question was from an elderly lady who owns a Tahoe. Her senior dog is no longer able to jump into the car (arthritis) and she has trouble helping him in. She was looking for advice about a second vehicle so her dog could ride with her.

Having watched a number of shows like Texas Metal and Bitchin’ Rides, it crossed my mind that the answer for her might well be an air bag suspension for her Tahoe. So: would that be cheaper than a used mini-van for example? How long do these things last? General thoughts?

Modifying that Tahoe with air suspension is not likely to allow the vehicle to be lowered sufficiently for the dog to jump in.

Depending on what generation Tahoe, it may have torsion bars on the front so No Bueno on the airbags.

Even the later models with coil-over shocks can only be lowered so far.

I’d guess a $4000 or so system to drop the later model SUV and then raise it back up might help the dog.

Find a used Honda Fit, the fold up rear seat would let the dog walk right in.

We got a portable ramp that worked just fine.