About the Boat in Australia

Did any one mention the tire pressure for the rear tires and the trailer? If the vehicle is requiring a lot of power at speed on a flat straight road, I would suspect tire pressure is low in relation to the added load. Even if the tire pressure was correct for the boat alone the addition of fule and supplies could have significantly increased the load and Thus, the proper tire pressure for the trip

The comment at the end of the discussion was perfect. The whole discussion was moot because the towing vehicle was a rental! What better way to haul something heavy? With someone else’s vehicle This instantly brought to mind an old joke.

What’s the best kind of car to be in when you accidentally drive off a cliff? A RENTAL CAR!

By the way Tom, at the end of your puzzlers, when you name the winner drawn at random from the multitudes and correct answers… Just once before you retire, I’d like to hear you say drawn at random from the ONLY correct answer!

Love your show, You guys and I have driven many miles for many years together and you’ve given me tremendous listening pleasure. You two are the best. Enjoy retirement if you must go, but I’d love it if you stayed longer. Close the shop! Just do radio!

"Close the shop! Just do radio!"

Now there’s “outside the box” thinking…great idea!

I think the question got lost in the discussion. Wasn’t the guy asking about fuel mileage, and which gear would deliver the best mileage?

I’m pretty confident that although acceleration is non-existent, the higher gear would deliver the best mileage. I might change my answer if the vehicle had a carburetor, but with FI, the computer will only deliver what the engine can burn.

Not sure where this train jumped the rails.