Labor costs to install rear shocks

I have a 2002 Kia Sedona mini van that is at around 166.000 miles on it. My next item on my list of things to get fixed/replaced is the rear shocks as it’s time and they need it. I have a couple of places in town that I can go and have had good success with and they allow me to bring the parts and they just charge me labor. I will be checking with them later this week to get some quotes on labor charge to replace the rear two shocks (which are shocks and not strutts). I was wondering what would be a fair price for the labor to replace rear shocks and what is the amount of time that I can expect it to take for the work to be done?

Labor rates are regional. You’ll pay more in San Diego then Memphis. Where are you?
Shocks are quicker then struts. My wild guess: 2 hours.

According to it’s 1.8 hrs for both. Labor rates are usually posted next to the counter.

I am in Indianapolis IN. The places I go don’t have their labor rates posted, you tell them what it is you want done, they give you a price. Both places I have been do great work and I never have a issue, I was just interested in knowing going in what might be a fair price to install the two shocks on my van.

When you call you can ask the price and ask their hourly labor rate. I would get 2 estimates anyway.

I’m wondering if there is a benefit to bringing the shop your parts. Most shock absorbers and struts come with a lifetime warranty on parts. Will you get this warranty if you bring the shop your parts?

Van has 166,000 miles on it, only plan on keeping it another 30,000+ miles before trading it in, not really worred about lifetime warrenty.

The warranty will be in tact for the purchaser of the shocks.
– but that warranty will not pay replacement labor –
A viable option for some.

Check with the shop to see if replacemant labor is warranteed in either case ( you bring or they furnish parts ) , different shops, different policies.

This will give you a good estimate. Plug in your year, make and model, and your zip code:

Some places offer free installation on shocks if you buy their shocks. I think they’re crazy but they usually employ people who aren’t disabled. If I had to change your shocks…I couldn’t afford to change your shocks.